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Checkout Arizona Fly fishing for supplies, instruction and guide services

We are happy to offer guiding throughout much of Arizona.  Our guides are licensed through the State of Arizona and through Blue Mule Outfitters are insured and hold special use permits for the Tonto National Forest, Lake Pleasant Regional Park and the White Mountain Apache Reservation.  Our guides have spent thousands of days on the water and are here to help you catch fish, but most importantly make sure your time on the water is enjoyable.   Arizona Fly Fishing is an authorized booking agent and advertiser for Blue Mule Outfitters and several members of the AZFF team are also independent guides working through Blue Mule Outfitters. Feel free to contact us or Blue Mule Outfitters directly to book a trip. For more information check out their website for guides, supplies and fun days of fishing.

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  1. richard harding says:

    Hello from San Francisco. 

    I am thinking about bringing my nephew and brother-in-law from UK to USA next February.  What fishing and hunting is available in Arizona in mid-Feb, please?


  2. mcsworld1 says:

    Often archived Arizona fishing reports from prior years can help you identify seasonal patterns for a specific lake. Review the prior reports to find consistent information for summer months of June, July and August. The information will be different than that for the fall months of September and October. Winter months of November, December, January and February will show reports unique to this time of year, possibly including ice fishing reports. Pay special attention to the spring (March, April and May) fishing reports from prior years as they should provide information to help you predict the approximate time for the spawn.

    here are some fishing report links

    Arizona Fishing Reports

    The fishing report resources listed below offer independent information about fishing conditions at various lakes, rivers and streams in Arizona. Use this information knowing that weather and other factors may have caused fishing conditions to change since the reports were filed.

    West Coast Fishing – Arizona Fishing Reports

    Arizona Fishing Reports

    Fishing Reports

    AZ Fish & Game Dept – Fishing Reports