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Arizona State fishing records

Check out what big fish have been pulled from the lakes and rivers of Arizona. There are 27 different species to fish for.

Here are the BASS records to start you off.


Inland Waters — Hook and Line
As reported to and verified by the Arizona Game and Fish Department
Species Name Size, Location, Angler, and Date
Bass, Largemouth 16 lb. 7.68 oz 28.0 in., Canyon Lake
Randall E. White, Mesa 4/22/97
Bass, Rock 0 lb. 12.96 oz. 10.25 in., Upper Verde River
Eric Woolsey, Cottonwood 4/6/06
Bass, Smallmouth 7 lb. 0.96 oz. 22.75 in., Roosevelt Lake
Dennis K. Barnhill, Mesa 3/18/88
Bass, Striped 28 lb. 9.28 oz. 45.7 in., Lake Pleasant
John R. Davis, Peoria 12/7/09
Bass, White 4 lb. 11.7 oz. 19.5 in., Upper Lake Pleasant
David Amburgey, Peoria 4/72
Bass, Yellow 1 lb. 15.8 oz. 11.25 in., Upper Lake Mary
Glenn D. Davis III, Flagstaff 5/19/95


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